EMASS is a Massachusetts Not-For Profit Corporation originally created in 1995 and incorporated in 2008. EMASS is managed and administered by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. We have approximately 350 Members (men and women) ages 55 to 80+, who continue to love to play organized softball from early Spring until the snow begins to fly in the Fall in an organized, competitive, and safe environment. EMASS offers multiple divisions of play for players of all skill levels.

Please explore our website and feel free to contact us for further information.

Breaking News

EMASS Players help "Shamrocks" win Framingham Men's Division III Championship

Led by Player/Manager Larry Fegan, pitcher Mike Carroll and third basemen Joe Dorr, the "Shamrocks" completed a 3 game sweep of the final series to win the championship of Framingham's Division III. The "Old Guys" were joined by their sons Casey Carroll and Joe Dorr Jr (as well as several of their friends) and posted a 14 - 7 record for a second place finish in the highly competitive league. After falling behind 3rd place finisher DMW Painting in the semi-finals by two games to none, the Shamrocks stormed back to win 6 straight games en route to the crown. Several other EMASS players also saw some action with the Shamrocks during the season including Andy Zupan, Steve Elkinson, Tommy Regan, Steve Poole, Cliff Roberts, Dave Hadden, Norm Cronin, Larry Bagley and Rob Podoloff. A special nod goes to guest 3rd base coach Bill "wave 'em home" Bertrand.

Posted: August 26, 2015


See Travel Teams page for details.

Posted: August 17, 2015

American Division Revised Playoff Schedule

After consulting with all of the AMD managers and several players it has been decided to move the playoffs up so that we wrap our season by the end of September. Please see the American Division page for the updated schedule.

Posted: August 10, 2015


Each division's playoff schedule is posted on the division's web page. The stretch drive is on! Mark your calendars!

Posted: August 2, 2015


A Letter of Thanks

For the past seven years over 100 EMASS players have participated in a Friendship Tournament in Cuba. Several players have also hosted Cuban players here for Friendship Games in Boston, Jamaica Plain, and Wayland and for the Cape Cod Tournament. Even more have had the opportunity to play ball with them. Just recently the US reopened diplomatic relations. Here is a copy of a letter we just received.

"Dear EMASS Friends!

Just now Cuban TV News are broadcasting that Cuba-USA embassies officially opened.

For us that means that a new era for our country is coming up. A better future for our families, for our grandchildren, for all the Cuban people.

In all this last years the huge effort made by ETA, by EMASS friends helped to reach this historic moment.

In the name of all of our families and friends we would like to express an immense gratitude to you, to Kathy, to Dariem, and to Yaimet and to your families and to all the EMASS friends.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Your Friends,

The Cuban Veteranos Team"

The Friendship Games Continue

This year, EMASS Members are invited to participate in Friendship Games in Havana. The dates are December 2 - 10. Mike Eizenberg says the Games will be extra special this year. "Gerardo Hernandez, a Member of the Cuban Nacional Assembly, has invited us to the most special celebration ever at his Finca and we have also been invited to the newly opened US Embassy. There will be plenty of great softball, and we will be guests of the Industriales at a major league Cuban baseball game. For details, please contact Gary Siegel at

Posted: July 29, 2015

Upcoming Games (Next 7 Days)
Date Away (Red) Home (Blue) Location
American Division
Aug 29 Bald Eagles Die Hards Canton-Devoll
9:00 am
Aug 29 Medical Miracles Rally Kings Wayland-Corner
9:00 am
National Division
Aug 29 Extra Innings Bengals Ashland
9:00 am
Aug 29 Replays Elders Fram-Galvani 1
9:00 am
Aug 29 Rolling Bones Boomers Fram-Galvani 2
9:00 am
Atlantic Division
Aug 27 Dingahs Wildcats Wayland-BB Court
10:00 am
Aug 27 Blast Crankies Wayland-Corner
10:00 am
Sep 1 Wildcats ICE 3 Wayland-BB Court
10:00 am
Sep 1 Navigators Thunder Wayland-Corner
10:00 am
Metro Division
Aug 28 Panthers Hawks Wayland-BB Court
9:30 am
Aug 28 Leopards Lions Wayland-Corner
9:30 am
Sep 2 Lions Panthers Wayland-Corner
10:00 am
Pacific Division
Aug 31 Old School Gray Beards Wayland-BB Court
10:00 am
Aug 31 Silver Sox Prime Time Wayland-Corner
10:00 am
Week Starting:

Complete Schedule

Recent Results
National Division
Aug 22 Boomers 10 Bengals 9
Aug 22 Boomers 14 Bengals 11
Aug 22 Rolling Bones 13 Elders 10
Aug 22 Rolling Bones 17 Elders 16
Aug 22 Silver Rockets 10 Replays 7
Aug 22 Replays 11 Silver Rockets 6
Atlantic Division
Aug 27 Crankies 15 Blast 14
Aug 27 Blast 14 Crankies 13
Aug 27 Wildcats 17 Dingahs 13
Aug 27 Dingahs 10 Wildcats 4
Aug 25 Thunder 12 Force 9
Aug 25 Thunder 19 Force 15
Aug 25 ICE 3 10 Riptide 8
Aug 25 Riptide 16 ICE 3 0
Aug 20 Blast 13 Wildcats 12
Aug 20 Blast 22 Wildcats 1
Aug 20 Thunder 5 Crankies 4
Aug 20 Crankies 16 Thunder 13
Metro Division
Aug 26 Condors 10 Tigers 7
Aug 26 Condors 22 Tigers 19
Pacific Division
Aug 24 Prime Time 15 Gray Beards 7
Aug 24 Prime Time 14 Gray Beards 12
Aug 24 Old School 29 Silver Sox 21
Aug 24 Old School 9 Silver Sox 6

Complete Results