EMASS is a Massachusetts Not-For Profit Corporation managed and administered by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. We have approximately 350 Members (men and women) ages 55 to 80+. We play morning Double-Headers weekly from April-October. Most games are played on fields in Metro-West towns.

If you are interested, there is at least one Division for you, regardless of your skill level.

AMERICAN: Saturdays, 50 & over, for highly skilled players
NATIONAL: Saturdays, 55 & over, for all softball players
PACIFIC: Mondays, 55 & over, for highly skilled players
ATLANTIC: Tuesdays/Thursdays, 55 & over, for all players
METRO: Wednesdays/Fridays, 65 & over

To contact a Division Coordinator, or to learn more about EMASS Senior softball, please explore our website and feel free to contact us for further information.

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Are you ready to put some fun in your Fourth of July?

Registrations are now being accepted for the Family Games on July 4th. EMASS players can bring two guests--daughters, sons, nephews, nieces, spouses, etc. Guests must be 18 or above and have the minimum softball skills that are expected of players in all EMASS divisions.

These are relatively serious games, and we always have a number of young men and women who play with considerable intensity. At the same time we always have players of lesser skills and everyone has a good time!

Assuming we have just enough for four teams, which is usually the case, the games will begin at 9:00am. We will play two games, using all EMASS rules. Depending on the level of interest we might be able to accommodate those who want to play just one game and we might allow EMASS players to bring more than two guests. The goal is simply a day of fun!

To register, send an email message to with your name, EMASS division and preferred position and the name of your guest(s) with their preferred position.

Also give us some indication of the skill level of your guest(s)--Do they currently play softball? Did they play baseball or softball in college? In high school? In LIttle League? We need this information in trying to create four balanced teams.

We need four managers! Please consider volunteering. EMASS will provide regular umpires.

Questions? More information? Contact Julian Puma - 508-788-1534, cell 508-479-7099, or email,

Posted: May 27, 2016


The Pacific Division is not playing in Wayland on Monday, May 30th, so pickup is available. If you are interested, please sign up on the Pickup Games page.

Posted: May 27, 2016


If your once bright red and blue shirts have turned a pale pink and a dusty blue or maybe you'd just like to update your softball wardrobe, now is the time to go shopping!

The EMASS Senior Softball Store is now open. Click on the headline and order a new set of shirts and other EMASS apparel.

The store is only open from now till midnight, May 31st, so do it now! Orders will be delivered to you on the field at one of your games by the end of June.

Posted: May 7, 2016

Upcoming Games (Next 7 Days)
Date Away (Red) Home (Blue) Location
American Division
Jun 4 West North Fram-Galvani 1
9:00 am
Jun 4 South Central Fram-Galvani 2
9:00 am
National Division
Jun 4 Extra Innings Dakotas Ashland
9:00 am
Jun 4 Boomers Fogeys Fram-Mary Denn
9:00 am
Jun 4 Sharks Elders Wayland-BB Court
9:00 am
Jun 4 Replays Bengals Wayland-Corner
9:00 am
Atlantic Division
May 31 Buzzards Rogues Wayland-BB Court
10:00 am
May 31 Navigators Crankies Wayland-Corner
10:00 am
Jun 2 Thunder Blast Wayland-BB Court
10:00 am
Jun 2 Bad Hops Wildcats II Wayland-Corner
10:00 am
Metro Division
Jun 1 Hawks Tigers Wayland-Corner
10:00 am
Jun 3 Lions Panthers Wayland-BB Court
10:00 am
Jun 3 Condors Leopards Wayland-Corner
10:00 am
Week Starting:

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Recent Results
National Division
May 28 Bengals 10 Extra Innings 2
May 28 Bengals 12 Extra Innings 11
May 28 Boomers 19 Elders 8
May 28 Boomers 23 Elders 7
May 28 Sharks 11 Dakotas 10
May 28 Sharks 20 Dakotas 10
May 28 Replays 9 Fogeys 6
May 28 Replays 11 Fogeys 5
Atlantic Division
May 26 Navigators 9 Wildcats II 5
May 26 Wildcats II 10 Navigators 2
May 26 Thunder 10 Rogues 9
May 26 Thunder 18 Rogues 2
Metro Division
May 27 Tigers 12 Condors 7
May 27 Condors 10 Tigers 9
May 27 Lions 6 Leopards 5
May 27 Lions 11 Leopards 7
May 25 Hawks 17 Panthers 5
May 25 Hawks 9 Panthers 2
Pacific Division
May 23 Old School 12 Turn-2 4
May 23 Old School 11 Turn-2 6
May 23 Titanium 12 Prime Time 8
May 23 Prime Time 13 Titanium 9

Complete Results