American Division

Teams and Managers/Assistant Managers

Line Drivers - Tom Regan/Bob Vincent
Rebels - John Thurner/Jim Shannon
Senior Hitizens - Steve Poole/Al Kumpey
Still Running - Rob Podoloff/Steve Elkinson
American Division News

Line Drivers Sweep their way to the Championship

The aptly named Line Drivers completed their dominance of this year's American Division with a clean sweep through the playoffs culminating in their impressive 2 games to none defeat of the game, but undermanned, Rebels. Congratulations to coaches Bob Vincent and Tom Regan and the rest of their great team on winning both the regular season and playoff titles.

Posted: October 16, 2017

American Division MVP and HHA Nominees

Congratulations to the following players who were nominated by their teams for our end of season awards:

Line Drivers: Andrew Madden
Rebels: Bob Lepson
Senior Hitizens: Chris Flynn
Still Running: Steve Elkinson

Heart, Hustle and Attitude:
Line Drivers: Tim Collins
Rebels: Bob Petrucci
Senior Hitizens: Steve Poole
Still Running: Dave Brisson

Posted: October 13, 2017

October 14 : AMD Finals on Galvani #1 (ND Fall Ball on Galvani #2)

Line Drivers (#1 Seed) vs Rebels (#2 Seed)

Line Drivers are Home Team for Games 1 and 3 (if necc.)
Rebels are Home Team for Game #2

Posted: October 13, 2017

Line Drivers and Rebels to face off in AMD Finals

The mighty Line Drivers swept the valiant Still Running 2 games to none and the upstart Rebels defeated the determined Senior Hitizens 2 games to 1 to setup this years AMD finals. Good luck to both teams and thanks to everyone who made this another great season of EMASS softball.

Posted: October 8, 2017

American Division Playoff Pairings

Galvani #1: #1 Line Drivers (Blue) vs #4 Still Running (Red)

Galvani #2: #2 Rebels (Blue) vs #3 Senior Hitizens (Red)

Blue teams are home for Game #1 and Game #3 (if necessary) - Red teams are home for Game #2

All Games are full 7 innings.

Posted: September 28, 2017

2017 American Division

The American Division is EMASS's most competitive Saturday league for players 50 years of age and older, and is generally made up of the best players in EMASS. Many of these players are tournament caliber and several engage in regional and national play year-round. Players are selected by invitation, recommendation from current American Division players, or on the strength of their previous play in EMASS. Players who feel they have the skills and ability to play in the American Division and have not previously played in EMASS should first contact the American Division Coordinator prior to signing up to play in this Division. The American Division plays double-headers on Saturday mornings (1st game start at 9:00 AM) from late April through mid-OCT.

Posted: January 3, 2017

Team Rosters

Below are each of the teams in the division. To view the roster for any team, either click on the "+" or the team name. To hide the roster, click on the "-".

Line Drivers
Tim Collins , Framingham
Norman Cronin, Marlborough
Tom Faldetta, Sherborn
Norman Harrison, Merrimack
Kevin Hayes, Bellingham
Bobby Jordan, Stoughton
Gary Levine, Mansfield
Alec Levine, Hopkinton
Andrew Madden, Newton
Mike Mulcahy, North Dighton
John Nielsen, Framingham
Tom Regan, Upton
Walker Royce, Boxboro
Richard Tutin, Natick
Robert Vincent Ii, Wakefield
Chris Bartle, Dover
Thomas Destefano, Newton
David Dibsick, Allston
Steve Freeman, Randolph
Marc Gromada, Whitinsville
Thomas Hall, Marlborough
Andrew Kaufman, Framingham
Bob Lepson, Brookline
Michael Mauceri, Jamaica Plain
Robert Petrucci, Weymouth
Norman Shacat, Medford
Jim Shannon, Norton
Allen Souza, New Bedford
John Thurner, Belmont
Jeff Turok, Duxbury
Senior Hitizens
Mark Baron, Boston
William Bertrand, Natick
Adam Cerel, Acton
Richard Cope, Quincy
Damien Davis, Norwood
Christopher Flynn, Mansfield
Britt Johnson, Everett
Donald Kelly, Franklin
Michael Kineavy, Quincy
Alan Kumpey, Maynard
Albert Luna, Winthrop
Arnie Pollinger, Holliston
Steve Poole, Hudson
Orrie Tucker, Framingham
Still Running
Robert Boland, Dover
Jack Boyle, Stow
James Brewer, Ashland
David Brisson, Wayland
Mike Carroll, Ashland
Steven Elkinson, Bolton
Larry Fegan, Natick
Alan Handel, Millis
Ed Heilbron, West Newton
Barry Joseph, Bolton
Robert Podoloff, Framingham
Bruce Ravelson, Milton
Ken Schneider, Rockland
Joel Stoller, Walpole
Allen Yee, Wellesley
Andy Zupan, Framingham
Team Wins Losses Percent
Line Drivers 17 12 0.586
Rebels 15 14 0.517
Senior Hitizens 14 14 0.500
Still Running 11 17 0.393
Recent Results
Sep 23 Line Drivers 18 Still Running 17
Sep 23 Line Drivers 14 Still Running 8
Sep 23 Senior Hitizens 12 Rebels 8
Sep 23 Senior Hitizens 11 Rebels 7
Sep 16 Senior Hitizens 11 Line Drivers 6
Sep 16 Line Drivers 15 Senior Hitizens 10
Sep 16 Still Running 8 Rebels 7
Sep 16 Still Running 11 Rebels 9
Sep 2 Line Drivers 18 Rebels 11
Sep 2 Rebels 12 Line Drivers 11
Sep 2 Senior Hitizens 18 Still Running 17
Sep 2 Senior Hitizens 10 Still Running 6
Aug 26 Line Drivers 16 Still Running 15
Aug 26 Line Drivers 15 Still Running 9
Aug 26 Rebels 14 Senior Hitizens 2
Aug 26 Rebels 15 Senior Hitizens 3
Aug 12 Senior Hitizens 14 Line Drivers 9
Aug 12 Line Drivers 13 Senior Hitizens 4
Aug 12 Rebels 10 Still Running 8
Aug 12 Rebels 17 Still Running 10
Aug 5 Line Drivers 11 Rebels 8
Aug 5 Still Running 13 Senior Hitizens 12
Jul 29 Senior Hitizens 19 Line Drivers 14
Jul 29 Senior Hitizens 13 Line Drivers 7
Jul 29 Rebels 8 Still Running 7
Jul 29 Rebels 6 Still Running 5
Jul 22 Rebels 12 Line Drivers 9
Jul 22 Rebels 11 Line Drivers 10
Jul 22 Still Running 17 Senior Hitizens 12
Jul 15 Still Running 14 Line Drivers 8
Jul 15 Still Running 12 Line Drivers 2
Jul 15 Senior Hitizens 19 Rebels 12
Jul 15 Senior Hitizens 3 Rebels 2
Jul 8 Senior Hitizens 15 Line Drivers 12
Jul 8 Line Drivers 13 Senior Hitizens 4
Jul 8 Still Running 15 Rebels 9
Jul 8 Still Running 20 Rebels 8
Jun 24 Line Drivers 17 Rebels 8
Jun 24 Rebels 15 Line Drivers 11
Jun 24 Senior Hitizens 14 Still Running 9
Jun 24 Senior Hitizens 15 Still Running 11
Jun 10 Line Drivers 17 Senior Hitizens 16
Jun 10 Line Drivers 15 Senior Hitizens 6
Jun 10 Still Running 10 Rebels 7
Jun 10 Rebels 10 Still Running 8
Jun 3 Line Drivers 15 Rebels 5
Jun 3 Rebels 23 Line Drivers 19
Jun 3 Senior Hitizens 13 Still Running 8
Jun 3 Still Running 20 Senior Hitizens 18
May 20 Line Drivers 12 Still Running 4
May 20 Line Drivers 6 Still Running 5
May 20 Rebels 14 Senior Hitizens 4
May 20 Rebels 14 Senior Hitizens 7
May 13 Line Drivers 14 Senior Hitizens 13
May 13 Line Drivers 14 Senior Hitizens 1
May 13 Rebels 16 Still Running 11
May 13 Still Running 9 Rebels 3

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