Metro Division

Teams and Managers/Assistant Managers

Condors - Mike Niles/Alan Joseph
Cougars - Gary Buxton/Les Machkowsky
Eagles - John Boudreau/Ed Needell
Hawks - John Stewart/Ray Noveck
Lions - Jack Fisher/Gene McCarthy
Panthers - Dennis Piantigini/Dave Hornfischer
Metro Division News

HHA and MVP award nominees

You have voted for the below players on your team for the HHA and MVP awards.
The Winner of the Award for HHA and MVP will be announced at the EMASS Banquet on November 5th.
Congratulation to the below nominees. Good work!

HHA: Louise Felton
MVP: Alan Joseph
HHA: Connie Horton
MVP: Gary Buxton
HHA: Sheldon Ganz and Ed Needell
MVP: Stephen Landry
HHA: Robert Henry
MVP: Joe Chafets
HHA: Gene McCarthy
MVP: Jack Fisher
HHA: Dennis Piantigini
MVP: Bob Lichtenstein

Posted: October 14, 2017

Fall Ball Schedule

.............. Wayland Corner Field
.............. RED.................... BLUE
11-Oct.. Red Barons........ Golden Oldies
18-Oct.. No Town............ Red Barons
25-Oct.. Golden Oldies... No Town
1-Nov... No Town............ Old Timers
8-Nov... Old Timers......... Golden Oldies
15-Nov. Old Timers......... Red Barons
22-Nov. Red Barons........ Golden Oldies

..................................Wayland BB field
........................... RED ...................... BLUE
OCT 11......Old Timers......... Vs......No Town
OCT 18......Golden Oldies....Vs.......Old Timers
OCT 25......Red Barons.........Vs.......Old Timers
NOV 1...... Golden Oldies....Vs.......Red Barons
NOV 8.......Red Barons.........Vs.......No Town
NOV 15......No Town............Vs.......Golden Oldies
NOV 22...... Old Timers........Vs.......No Town

Posted: October 7, 2017

Playoff Finals

Congratulations to the Condors for being the Metro division champs.

Game one
Condors 11
Hawks 8

Game Two
Hawks 6
Condors 5

Game Three
Condors 20
Hawks 6

Posted: October 4, 2017

Semi - Final Games

The Panthers came out fighting in the first game of the semi-finals. They easily won the first game against the Condors 11 to 5. It looked like the Condors was going down quickly today. The Condors regroup for the second game and smashed the Panthers 16 to 5. In game 3 the Panthers took the lead. The Panthers were ahead in the last inning 6 to 5. They needed to hold their lead. The Condors was up to bat with their bottom of the order batting. The bottom did what they had to do and tied the game up. Now the Condors was only 1 run away from winning this long battle of 2 great teams. Now their top of the order got up to bat in the winning run.

The Lions showed up in force today. The Hawks were missing players. That seems like a disadvantage to play with only 11 players. In game 1 the Hawks looked strong. The top of their order kept coming up pounding at the Lions defense. The Hawks won the first game 14 to 9. The second game was closer but the Hawks took the Lions 9 to 7. The Lions didn't roar today

Condors Vs Panthers
Game 1
Panthers 11 Condors 5
Game 2
Condors 16 Panthers 5
Game 3
Condors 8 Panthers 7

Lions Vs Hawks
Game 1
Hawks 14 Lions 9
Game 2
Hawks 9 Lions 7

Co-Managers Mike Niles and Alan Joseph pulled every rabbit that they had out of their hat today and pulled off a last inning come-from-behind victory in the third game to clinch the 2 out of 3 game semi-final series.

Mike and Alan were busy rounding up all of those rabbits and putting them back in the hat for use in the Metro Final Series against the Hawks next Wednesday.
Alan Joseph

Posted: September 29, 2017

First Round of Playoffs

Hawks (#3) V Cougars (# 6)
Game 1
Cougars 14 Hawks 8
Game 2
Hawks 13 Cougars 1
Game 3
Hawks 11 Cougars 3

Eagles (#4) V Panthers (#5)
Game 1
Panthers 11 Eagles 6
Game 2
Panthers 17 Eagles 8

Posted: September 27, 2017

The Condors are the 2017 Metro Division second half and overall Season's Champs.

The Condors on Friday, September 1 clinched the second half of the season's championship and the overall season's first place. It was a close race between the Condors and the Lions for first place going into today's games. The Condors won both of their games today. The Lions lost both of their games. Today's games made it mathematically impossible for any other team but, the Condors to win first place. The Condors led the whole second half of the season. They played smart and managed well. Congratulations to the Condors for a great season. The Condors will be the 1st Seed in the playoffs. The Lions will be the 2nd Seed in the playoffs. All of the remaining teams have a great chance to win second place.

Posted: September 1, 2017

The Lions are the 2017 Metro DIVISION First HALF SEASON CHAMPIONS

As we were going into the last week of the first half of the season just about any team could win. All the teams very close in the standings. Who was available to play for your team this last week did matter. Whichever team makes the fewer errors in the games will win the first half of the season.
On Wednesday June 28 the Lions swept the two games against the Condors. The first game was very close with the Lions winning it 7 to 6 in a low scoring exciting game to watch. Now the Lions had to wait until Friday for the outcome of the games between the Hawks and the Cougars. The Hawks were the favorite to win the games between the two teams. The Cougars bats were on fire. The Cougars swept the Hawks for one of the biggest upsets of the season dropping the Hawks into third place.
Way to go Lions and congratulations on a great 1st Half Season! They will be either the 1st or 2nd seed for the playoffs.

Team Wins Losses Percent
Lions 8 5 0.615
Condors 8 6 0.571
Hawks 7 6 0.538
Eagles 8 8 0.500
Cougars 6 8 0.429
Panthers 6 10 0.375

Posted: July 1, 2017

Team Rosters

Below are each of the teams in the division. To view the roster for any team, either click on the "+" or the team name. To hide the roster, click on the "-".

Herbert Cohen, Boston
Joe Defelice, Canton
Cabot Devoll, Canton
Louise Felton, Newton
Stephen Goldstein, Holliston
Alan Joseph, Newton Center
Dana Macnamee, Medford
Mike Niles, Norwood
Paul Starek, Hollistom
David Szurley, Townsend
Joanne Thomas, Assonet
Larry Todd, Framingham
Richard Uber, Marlborough
Ed Wiberg, Medfield
Peter Workum, Cambridge
Gary Buxton, Holliston
Paul Cote, Marlborough
Fred Fabricant, Newton
John Federici, Lexington
Neil Feinberg, Lincoln
John Friedman, Framingham
Joe Greeley, Boston
Michael Hatfield, Watertown
Connie Horton, W. Roxbury
Walter Levy, Framingham
Les Machkowsky, Framingham
Mike Malonson, Windham
Larry Mcneill, Woburn
Sean J. Murphy, Framingham
Gerry Yaffe, Framingham
Calvin Bastian, Roslindale
John Boudreau, Bridgewater
Tom Comparato, Andover
Sheldon Ganz, Framingham
John Kealty, Framingham
Rich Kealty, Boxboro
Stephen Landry, Auburn
Norm Langlois, Topsfield
Bert Levine, Wayland
Howard Levy, Boston
Rob Mitchell, Concord
Ed Needell, Brookline
Gene Oreszak, Framingham
Bruce Porter, Sudbury
Donald Sackman, Sudbury
Fred Scerra Jr, Marlboro
Robert Billage, Newton
Joseph Bimonte, Derry
Joe Chafets, Newton
Marty Glickman, Natick
Les Gore, Newton
Duncan Grant, Carlisle
Robert Henry, Leominster
Andrew Leskanic, Natick
Jesse Lipcon, Wayland
Stewart Maws, Framingham
Ray Noveck, Waban
Stanley Paine, Newton
Arthur Priver, Wellesley
John Stewart, Newton
David Swanson, Saugus
John Carberry, Needham
Jack Fisher, Lexington
Peter Haggerty, Newtonville
Marshall Krasnow, Newton
Gene Mccarthy, Arlington
Peter Mirabella, Leominster
Gerald Moore, Hollis
Dick Pettengill, Jamaica Plain
Don Reagan, Chestnut Hill
Regis Roderick, Bedford
Chico Rosado, Ashland
Joseph Salzano, Ashland
Mark Waldron, Maynard
Robert Wittman, Concord
John Yalenezian, Marlborough
Paul Blair, Sudbury
Bill Bray, Lexington
James Doolittle, Millbury
Joe Fontes, Norfolk
Ernie Henley, Wayland
Dave Hornfischer, Framingham
Gerald Kupperschmidt, Natick
Bob Lichtenstein, West Roxbury
Gene Malkin, Stoughton
Emory Payne, Holliston
Dennis Piantigini, Framingham
Robert Risman, Medford
Peter Stoner, Wellesley
David Stuart, Auburndale
Team Wins Losses Percent
Condors 15 1 0.938
Lions 10 7 0.588
Hawks 10 10 0.500
Panthers 8 12 0.400
Eagles 6 12 0.333
Cougars 6 13 0.316
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