EMASS is a Massachusetts Not-For Profit Corporation managed and administered by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. We have approximately 370 Members (men and women), ranging in age from 50's to 80's. Most games are played on fields in Wayland, Framingham, and Ashland.

There is at least one Division for you, regardless of your skill level. For information about a division, click on that division's tab above.

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Are you ready to put some fun in your Fourth of July?

Registrations are now being accepted for the Family Games on July 4th. EMASS players can bring two guests--daughters, sons, nephews, nieces, spouses, etc. Guests must be 18 or above and have the minimum softball skills that are expected of players in all EMASS divisions.

These are relatively serious games, and we always have a number of young men and women who play with considerable intensity. At the same time we always have players of lesser skills and everyone has a good time!

Assuming we have just enough for four teams, which is usually the case, the games will begin at 9:00am at the Wayland's fields. We will play two games, using all EMASS rules. Depending on the level of interest we might be able to accommodate those who want to play just one game and we might allow EMASS players to bring more than two guests. The goal is simply a day of fun!

To register, send an email message to with your name, EMASS division and preferred position and the name of your guest(s) with their preferred position.

Also give us some indication of the skill level of your guest(s)--Do they currently play softball? Did they play baseball or softball in college? In high school? In LIttle League? We need this information in trying to create four balanced teams.

We need four managers! Please consider volunteering. EMASS will provide regular umpires.

Questions? More information? Contact Julian Puma - 508-788-1534, cell 508-479-7099, or email,

Posted: June 4, 2017


EMASS is planning to send teams to play in the annual Cape Cod Senior Softball Classic again this year. The 60 and 65 teams will play Sept. 8-10; the 70, 75, and 80 teams will play Sept.11-13. We will try to send as many teams as we have players who are interested in participating. The managers will select the teams by mid-July. Last year we found places for almost everyone who wanted to play. If we have more players than we anticipate we may need more managers. If you are interested in being considered for this tournament as either a player or potential manager, please indicate the appropriate age bracket and send a message to Art Priver, the Cape Coordinator, at

Posted: May 22, 2017


This will be the ninth consecutive year EMASS and other softball players under the guidance and umbrella of Educational Travel Alliance will be going to Cuba to play competitive softball. There will be plenty of softball as well as free time to explore and enjoy Havana. And like last year, our Cuban friends are arranging for us to stay in "Casa Particulars" instead of the hotel venue. These Casa Particulars are Cuba's answer to AirB&B. All the rooms have security, air conditioning, private bathroom w/shower and include breakfast. This year's trip will be similar to last year's very successful one. You will experience Cuba unlike the everyday tourist. Staying in the Casa Particulars also allows us to offer the trip at substantial savings from the past years, but does limit the number of players who can join us. If you are interested and would like more information please email Gary Siegel ( or call him at 617-909-2493. This year the trip date is December 9th to 16th. Spouses and significant others and non-player friends (depending on space) are welcome to come along. Tourism, especially American tourism is expected to top last year's record setting numbers, so timing is very important. This will be our second trip of 2017 as the November trip is already filled with returning players. Depending on the interest level a third trip in January may be possible.

Posted: May 21, 2017

Upcoming Games (Next 7 Days)
Date Away (Red) Home (Blue) Location
Atlantic Division
Jun 29 Thunder Navigators Wayland-BB Court
10:00 am
Jun 29 Silver Sox Crankies Wayland-Corner
10:00 am
Metro Division
Jun 30 Panthers Eagles Wayland-BB Court
9:45 am
Jun 30 Hawks Cougars Wayland-Corner
9:45 am
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Recent Results
National Division
Jun 24 Bengals 13 Dingahs 7
Jun 24 Dingahs 8 Bengals 3
Jun 24 Extra Innings 12 Boomers 4
Jun 24 Extra Innings 15 Boomers 6
Jun 24 Heavy Hitters 13 Elders 9
Jun 24 Heavy Hitters 12 Elders 6
Jun 24 Silver Rockets 14 Replays 8
Atlantic Division
Jun 27 Bulldogs 18 Enigma 13
Jun 27 Enigma 12 Bulldogs 9
Jun 27 Landslide 16 Raptors 8
Jun 27 Landslide 19 Raptors 8
Jun 22 Crankies 24 Thunder 7
Jun 22 Crankies 10 Thunder 9
Jun 22 Landslide 20 Silver Sox 16
Jun 22 Landslide 13 Silver Sox 12
Metro Division
Jun 28 Lions 7 Condors 6
Jun 28 Lions 9 Condors 5
Jun 23 Condors 10 Hawks 2
Jun 23 Condors 8 Hawks 5
Jun 23 Lions 16 Eagles 12
Jun 23 Lions 15 Eagles 6
Pacific Division
Jun 26 MPD 15 Vintage Stock 6
Jun 26 Vintage Stock 6 MPD 4
Jun 26 Prime Time 15 Turn-2 7
Jun 26 Turn-2 15 Prime Time 11

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