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Upcoming Practices


Upcoming Tournaments

The 2017 Cape Cod Senior Softball Classic
September 8th - 13th

- The 60's and 65's will play September 8th - 10th.

- The 70's, 75's and 80's will play September 11th - 13th.


2017 East Coast Senior Softball Classic Pompano Beach, FL

Massachusetts teams swept the 60+ divisions in the 2017 East Coast Senior Softball Classic in Pompano Beach. FLA in March. The teams were strongly represented by EMASS players.

The Mass Minutemen, with thirteen EMASS players on the roster, rallied from an 0-2 start to win 7 of the next 8 games to claim the 60+ "B" Division title at the 5-day tournament. EMASS players were: Bill Cerrato (injured), Mike Driscoll (Co-Mgr.), Don & Jerry Kelly, Peter Keville (Field Mgr.) Dan Kindlon, Bill Moccia, Alan Kumpey, Al Penney, Paul Perry, Tom Regan, Walker Royce and Mike Russillo. Also playing were Wally Introne (MA) and Jim Harris (NJ).

A game behind the Minutemen at 6-4 in a 7-team B division was Comfortably Numb (MA), with six EMASS players including manager Joe Ciccone: Richard Bloom, Larry Fegan, Bob Gautreau, Albert Dean Luna, Joseph Neas.

Hannington's of Massachusetts with five EMASS players under manager Joe DeFeice won the 60+ "A" Division. The players were: Joe Dorr, Steve Jones, Cliff Roberts, Angie Scarcella and Allan Souza.

Thirteen teams from six states (FLA, MA, CONN, PA, NY, NJ) and Ontario, Canada participated in the 60+ divisions in this year's tournament.